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Jaxson Riddle

USA - St George, Utah

Coming off an impressive year, including the Most Stylish Run at Red Bull Rampage, Jaxson looks to continue pushing boundaries with his own unique style. Alongside his new teammates, we can expect some big moto whips and hopefully catch him ripping his El Camino through the desert – because, why not! 

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Jaxson's Set-Up

Bomber CR


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Bomber 58


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Jaxson's Featured Videos

The Most Stylish Run of Red Bull Rampage 2021

"A unique line and style second to none - this is how the World will remember Jaxson Riddle's first ever Red Bull Rampage appearance. The local young gun had to roll up his sleeves & get creative from day one on. While most of the riders had already worked & competed on the same Red Bull Rampage site twice before, Jaxson and his dig crew had to find and build a completely fresh line." - Red Bull Bike

MTB Freeride: Matt Macduff - Loop of Doom

"Filming for a freeride segment is no easy task. The finished product may look like a flowing montage of big hits, but behind the scenes, each of those moves comes with a mixture of stress and focus. Every person has their own way of dealing with these pressures, but this young buck might be one of the most focused riders we have ever met." - Transition Bikes

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