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How to Buy the Right Shock

How to Buy the Right Shock

Buying a shock doesn't have to be confusing. Follow these steps to find the right one:

1. Find your Eye to Eye and Stroke measurements

These two measurements are essential to buying the right shock. Both numbers can be found on your bike manufacturers website. Find where the specifications for your bike are listed and look at the row for Rear Shock. Beside the Brand and model, the manufacturer will list two numbers: the first one is the eye to eye and the second is the stroke length.

Metric example: 205 (eye-to-eye) x 65 (stroke)
Imperial example: 7.875" (eye-to-eye) x 3" (stroke)

2. Add a spring:

If you’re buying a Bomber CR you’re going to need a coil spring as well. Use the calculator below to determine which spring will fit your shock, and what is best for your bike and weight.

Lbs. KG
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In. mm
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