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3 Steps to Buy the Right Shock

3 Steps to Buy the Right Shock

Buying shocks isn't always easy. Don't forget you can always message us online at the bottom right of the screen or call us directly at 1-800-369-7469 ext. 4801

1. Get the Eye to Eye and Stroke Measurements: If you are replacing a shock, find the old shock specifications from the manufacturers website. Using the part number of the shock you should be able to find it (most of the time). If that doesn't work and you have a Vernier Caliper (you probably don't) measure from the center of the top eye to the bottom eye. Do the same with Stroke but measure from where the rod goes into the shock body to where the eye starts on the rod. Again if you're lost call, email or message us. Take those measurements and match them to the options above. Select and Add to Cart.

You can always call, email, message us if you need help. We will reply as soon as possible.

2. Decide if you need a spring and add that: You may have a spring that you know you can use from your old shock feel free to use that if you are comfortable. To get the best performance and to keep things fresh we recommend a new Marzocchi Spring ($24.95) and we will show you how to buy one that fits properly!  

So you decided you need a spring. What you need is the rear travel of your bike in inches (best to get it from your bike manufacturer's website) and put that number into the first box below. Then use the Stroke measurement from #1 above and enter that in the second box. Finally put in your weight into the final box. Press Calculate and save the Coil Spring Weight (lbs) number.

Coil Spring Weight (lbs):

3. Add the Right Spring: Shocks need springs, get a nice new Bomber Steel Spring for $24.95. Take the number from the Coil Spring Rate and the Stroke from #1. Match those two numbers with the springs we offer here.
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