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Video: SHRED Talks with Micayla Gatto

Video: SHRED Talks with Micayla Gatto

In our first Marzocchi SHRED Talk, we sit with Micayla Gatto and talk through everything that goes through an athlete and content creator's mind as they prep for the upcoming season - laying out goals and step into the first new content work of the year.



We ask her how her creative work factors into planning, how there may never technically be an off season for a content creator, what the future holds for video projects, and if Sage will be on every trip this year.


On training and preparation:

"The prep I have been doing has been getting out on the shore, pushing my limits and never stopping really."


The authenticity of planning projects with your peers:

"The real friendship and the real connection that you have with people, you can't simulate that, and it's way more fun when you get to do it with your buds."


Watch the full video above to see the whole conversation!




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