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Peter Jamison

Must Be a Dream – Peter Jamison 

Riding your bike in the best dirt possible dirt every day? Sounds like a dream. But for Peter Jamison, the summer of 2022 came pretty close.

Peter Jamiesson

After a winter and spring of riding and filming around his home in Utah, Jamison decided that the oncoming summer heat in May was the perfect time to initiate a cross-country migration to cooler climates. Highland, New Hampshire was where he grew up and returning to roost the berms of his local Highland Mountain Bike Park has become a sort of annual tradition, as well as hitting his favorite glassy-smooth dirt jump lines. Training the slopestyle skills on indoor wooden ramps is always a good shout on the rainy days. 


Peter JamiesonPeter Jamieson

A drive back over the Rockies would not be complete without a riding stopover. The late summer riding in Winter Park, Colorado proved more than fruitful with big airs, whips and scrubs kicking up their share of hero dirt. Silky smooth skate park landings were just icing on the cake. 

Peter Jamieson

But perhaps the most fortunate part of the year for Jamison was returning home to Utah as conditions shaped up for September perfection. What better weather to get the shovels and water cans out to build a brand new feature? It’s days like these when you feel like there’s no place like home. 

Peter Jamison

As awesome as Jamison’s summer was, few 9155-mile road trips make it through without some car troubles. A blown alternator forced an unplanned stop at the Chevy dealership in Grand Island, Nebraska for three days, only to then get sideswiped by another truck a few blocks away. Proof that when reality bites, it can take a chunk out of your wallet, too. 

Peter Jamison

Birds migrate for the best weather. Why shouldn’t mountain bikers? Sounds like a pretty damn good dream to aspire to.

Peter Jamison

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