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Godziek wins first place for best trick at the Silver Event FMB World Tour

Szymon Godziek wins first place for best trick with his backflip cliffhanger, double flip and a quasi-cashroll!

foto_3.jpg Szymon is twenty-one and he has been riding a bike since he was six. He has collaborated with Dartmoor bikes for several years; however, since 2011, Red Bull has sponsored him with a Marzocchi fork!

He‘s a slopestyle rider. During the season, he travels all over the world, competing in FMB World Tour.

This weekend he won the Best Trick prize at the Silver Event FMB World Tour - Hall of Dirt:

Here is the race report:


Team Argentina Bike a MACANET DE CABRENYS
Andrea Gemerara gets a 13th absolute position with a highly respectful timing compared to worldwide acknowledged athletes as Gracia and Camellini. Gianluca Vernassa wins again in the cadet category and gets a wonderful 20th absolute position. William Luneau jumps on the junior podium at 2nd position.
Here is the winner's report with a precious thanks to Marzocchi for the spectacular performance of 888 RC3 EVO Titanium. Also, below, some pictures from the race.
Andrea Bruno
Andrea Bruno, from team Ready2Ride, gets the second position right after Davide Sottocornola.
Kona Bike Paradise
Orifici gets the first absolute position with Marzocchi CORSA Superleggera RC!
Julien Camellini with Marzocchi
Here is a wonderful picture of rider Camellini with a red Marzocchi 888.
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