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JUNIORT / 2004
    - Damping system New 26 mm Shiver motocross cartridges
    - Open Bath
    - Right leg: external rebound (top); external compression adj. (bottom)
    - Left leg: external high speed compression adj. (bottom)
    - Spring type Dual Coil springs
    - Travel 200 mm
    - Steer tube Alloy FR
    - Drop-out type 20 mm dedicated axle
    Stroke Fork length Crown width Steer tube-wheel offset Weight
    200 592.8 mm. -- 69.5 mm. 5270 g.
  • Intended use: Extreme Freeride/Downhill
    EXTREME FREERIDE/DOWNHILL: This discipline is only for professional or highly skilled riders. It includes relatively high jumps or "drops" and negotiating larger obstacles such as boulders, fallen trees, or holes. These forks should be used only with disk brakes, and those frames, wheels and other components specifically designed for this riding style. The disk brakes must be attached to the designated mounting points provided on the fork. Never make any modification to your fork when attaching other equipment.
  • Owner's manual

  • Oil levels
      Right leg Type Left leg Type
    Monster - 200 430 Oil SAE 7,5 - Cod: 550013 430 Oil SAE 7,5 - Cod: 550013