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DIRT JUMPER 3 / 2009

DIRT JUMPER 2 / 2009
    - 100mm Travel
    - Mech. Preload
    - Steel Steer Tube
    - 32mm Steel Stanchions
    - 9mm Axle
    - 6” Post Mount (Max Disc 8”)
    Stroke Fork length Steer tube-wheel offset Weight
    -- -- --
    -- -- --
    -- -- --
    -- -- --
    -- -- --
    100 490 mm. -- 2787 g.
  • Intended use: Dirt Jumping
    DIRT JUMPING: This “BMX” or “motocross” style of riding is only for the most skilled riders, and involves jumping from one mound of dirt to another. It also includes riding over and around ”urban obstacles” such as man-made, or other concrete, structures, or racing on a track consisting of jumps made from mounds of dirt which the rider must negotiate by jumping or turning at speed. These forks should only be used with disk brakes, and those frames, wheels and other components specifi cally designed for this riding style. The disk brakes must be attached to the designated mounting points provided on the fork. Never make any modifi cation to your fork when attaching any equipment.
  • Tightening torques
      Wheel axle screwsWheel axle Allen screwsPumping element/cartridge bottom nuts/screwFork leg top caps
    DIRT JUMPER 3 15±16±110±110±1

    Oil levels
      Right leg Type Left leg Type
    DIRT JUMPER 3 - 100 - STD 7,5 Grease 7,5 Grease