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66 RC2X / 2007

66 RC2 ETA / 2007
66 RV / 2007
  • AVAILABLE COLORS - signal white
    - 180mm Travel
    - RC2X Adjustability
    - Coil Spring
    - Reinforced Alloy Steer Tube & Crown
    - 35mm Alloy Tapered Stanchions
    - 6” Post Mount (Max Disc 8”)
    Additional Feature:
    - 20mm Axle
    Stroke Fork length Steer tube-wheel offset Weight
    180 565 mm. 44 mm. 2915 g.
  • Intended use: Downhill
    DOWNHILL: After ten years of racing and breathtaking results, the most successful fork made by Marzocchi, the 888 is ready for a new evolution, the 380 C2R2 Titanium. Completely redesigned from crown to axle, this is the most advanced coil fork ever made. The Dynamic Bleed Cartridge (DBC) is the most efficient riding control solution which takes all the advantages of the most popular damping systems on the market: open bath and sealed cartridge. Also, the V2 system upgrades the 888 Evo offering a wider rebound tuning range with a great efficiency for each click of the knob also on the compression control.
  • Owner's manual