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new 888RC3 World Cup Evo Titanium

the new entry fork and its wonderful results

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The French downhill champion Cedric Gracia tested the new 888RC3 Titanium my2010, the new Marzocchi fork, lighter than the previous, for about 500gr. The new entry fork obtained really good results. Today, 888RC3 Titanium my2010 is the queen of the downhill top quality products.


888 RC3 EVO Ti - MBUK's 'Most Wanted'
"...This fork can be pushed all the way, and just keeps working brilliantly..."
Dirt Mag - Corsair Konig
The Konig never once felt like a five inch bike, working in unison with the Roco on the rear and effective suspension design, it felt much more. The noise was low, angles well suited to bombing anything up to reasonably rough. I’d have no doubt taking the bike to the Alps, that’s for certain, in fact the tightness makes for a good switch back bike
Dirt Magazine - 888 RC3 EVO TI
for what must be the first time ever, these are the lightest coil forks here, lighter even than the air sprung Dorados. Top that off with adjustable progression and that legendary buttery Marzocchi feel and you’ve got the makings of a serious return to form
Simone Zaniboni - Niner - 44 Micro Ti 29
The French magazine shows the italian rider Simone Zaniboni during the last Urge Nepal, with his Niner equipped with 44 Micro Ti 29"
Vélo - 44 RC3 Ti
Yann Le Corre test the queen of the 44 gamma and candidates this fork as the "XXI Century Bomber Z1".
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