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Marzocchi 350. 650B becomes the Enduro standard

The wheel game is still playing and 29” looks like to become the standard on XC and trail bikes, 26” in DH and the 650B is the perfect size for enduro.

The advantages of a bigger wheel are clear but the need of travel performed by the suspensions and the frame designs that must be available in all sizes are defining the rules.

Marzocchi is ready to approach the market trend and is now introducing the brand new 350 fork.

Especially designed for all the enduro lovers this new masterpiece is inspired by the legendary Z1 and the super performing 55 in order to become from day one the reference for the market and reach the heart of the riders.

Completely redesigned from top to bottom in order to increase the stiffness and reduce the weight. 1,9 kg is the reached target of the top of the range NCR model, thanks to the accurate and smooth design of the lowers reducing by 100 grams this component compared to the 26” 55, cutting off 25 more grams from the new 15mm QR axle and finally 70 more grams have been taken off from the crown thanks to the hollow design.

The 35 mm stanchions tubes comes with gold race coating (NCR model) and the performed travel for all models goes from 140 to 160 mm and can be selected by the rider with spacers.

Three are the damping technologies available, starting from the top performing NCR, based on the LCR cartridge, is the ideal combination between motorcycle technology and enduro competition needs.

Tuning the low speed rebound the R cartridge ensures a constant riding control increasing the feel of confidence with the bike and the trail.

Marzocchi did it again! Do you want to ride one too? Click here and see the new 350 CR!


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