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Marzocchi on Husvarna Zip-Ty Racing Team for Endurocross #4

With a sold out crowd for the first time, the Endurocross event in Everett,Washington looked to be an exciting and action filled race


Endurocross Round 4 - Everett, WA. With a sold out crowd for the first time, the Endurocross event in Everett,Washington looked to be an exciting and action filled race. Being one of the mostdifficult tracks of the season so far, all the riders struggled to get through the firewood, tires, and rock sections. This track was going to be a challenge for the Zip-Ty Racing/Husqvarna riders (Cory Graffunder, Bobby Garrison, and NickBurson.)

In the first qualifier, Bobby Garrison got a great start that put him in 2nd place. He was following the leader, Ricky Dietrich, into the rock section when Dietrich made a mistake and stopped in the middle of the rocks causing Bobby to ram in to the back of him. This caused a bottleneck in which every rider got held up. Once Bobby was able to get restarted and out of the rocks he was now running back in the 9th position and unfortunately was unable to move forward after that.

In the 2nd qualifier, Cory Graffunder got a good jump off the gate on his Husqvarna TC250 equipped with Marzocchi fork and by the second corner was already in the lead position and starting to pull away. As Cory kept the lead by riding smart and safe, the rest ofthe field behind him struggled with the course and Cory was able to take an easy win.

In the 3rd qualifier, Nick Burson got off the line good and rounded the firstcorner in the top 5 position. But as the field went through the first couple ofdifficult sections, Nick had trouble and dropped back. Nick continued on doing his best but finished outside of the transferring positions to advance on to the nextrace.In the semi #1 race, Bobby Garrison was back and looking to make it through to the next round. As the gate dropped, Bobby got a top 5 start, but as they were exiting the rock section, Bobby had trouble getting through due to a fallen riderand got the bike stuck in one of the many big holes. Bobby tried everything he could to get the bike out of the hole, but eventually had to get assistance to get the bike out of the hole which ended his night, as he had to finish in the top 5 to have a chance in the last chance qualifier.

In the semi #3, Nick Burson got a mid pack start and was trying to work his way into the top 5 position to transfer on. But once again the difficult track reached upand grabbed him in the firewood section causing him to go down. Nick wasunable to finish in the top 5 which ended his night as well.In the main event, Cory was able to get a great gate pick and get a top 3 startgoing into the first corner on his Husqvarna TC250. But after the first corner, the leader got a bump from behind by another rider and went off course. This let Cory sneak by on the inside and take the lead. Cory would lead until a small mistake in the middle of the rock section which would drop him back into second place. As the leaders started to pull away, Cory continued to make small mistakes that would cost him time. By the mid part of the race Cory had dropped back into the 8th position, but was still strong and trying to push forward. As other riders made mistakes as well, Cory was able to pick them off by riding consistent and by the last lap had moved himself into 5th position with 4th place right in front of him. But time had run out so as the checkered flag flew, Cory crossed the finish line in 5th position behind Justin Soule. “ It was a tough trackout there and everybody was making mistakes and I was just not able to capitalize on them. I am a little upset at myself after falling when in the lead, but I was ableto come out of this round with good points and now we will look forward to the next round in Denver, Co.” quoted Cory.


It has been a brief but intense relationship, the one between Vanni Oddera and his veautiful two strokes All White KTM, equipped with a Marzocchi fork.
The Italian team dominated all the three runs, eventually finishing first before the French and the Czech Republic team.
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An unforgettable day made of jumps, performances and emotions to the many disabled kids arrived to the event.
_MG_1071 copia_2.jpg
The premiere of the Superbike championship at Moscow’s racetrack couldn’t be more satisfactory for italian representatives.
During the summer our rider Vanni Oddera made a couple of exhibitions both in Viareggio and Gallipoli, but he also found some time to have fun.
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