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The “Brivido Motorcycle” is set up with Marzocchi’s products

Brivido (which is translated with “shiver” in english), by name and by nature.

Schermata 07-2456125 alle 1112_3.jpg Brivido (which is translated with “shiver” in english), by name and by nature. The new model, come out from the Bimota factory (but it would be better to call it “Atelier”), the DB9 Brivido, shows so many mechanical preciousness, that it awoke the enthusiasts’ admiration. The latest word made in Rimini draws attention to itself both for the powerful 1198 cm3 propulsor (derivation from Ducati) and for the precious components, which show the use of several carbon details and, above all, the employment of a Marzocchi’s fork with 43 mm inverted stems on the front wheel. The Brivido prefigures itself as a vehicle suitable for the crafty riding on bends – rich route, as a motorcycle which can send a shiver down to fans’ spine, not only to spectators, but also to them, who are so brave to take it to the limit. “Motociclismo” gives us a taste of Brivido’s potentiality in the video at this link:


In 2005 Marzocchi finalized the project and then started production of a “telefork” so conceptually advanced and of such supreme technical and engineering excellence that it still remains the reference standard in the highly specialized and selective motorcycling specialty known as “trial”.
If you are among those people who think that motors can fit only to scooters and little urban commuters...
Russian meetings keep going on for our Vanni Odera and his two strokes KTM equipped with Marzocchi fork.
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An unforgettable day made of jumps, performances and emotions to the many disabled kids arrived to the event.
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The premiere of the Superbike championship at Moscow’s racetrack couldn’t be more satisfactory for italian representatives.
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