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Lorenzo Sudding won again in Monti

Lorenzo Sudding, endorsed by Marzocchi, won again in Monti (Sardinia) The AXO ProGest SCOTT team's captain Bruno Zanchi, unfortunately, was stopped because of a hard fall.

Lorenzo Sudding


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Markus Pekoll is the new European Champion, while Morgane Charre got 2nd in the 4X and 2nd in the DH
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Elisa Canepa & Alan Beggin hit the podium in the final stage of 2013 Gravitalia - Airoh National DH Course in Abetone, reaching the top of their respective overall standings.
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An exciting video from the Ravanel couple
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An exciting video featuring Tyler’s latest adventures… While the Red Bull Rampage approaches!
With an outstanding season, Britain’s Sam Pilgrim has finally achieved what he has been fighting for over the last few years: the FMB World Tour overall title.
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