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Lorenzo Sudding won again in Monti

Lorenzo Sudding, endorsed by Marzocchi, won again in Monti (Sardinia) The AXO ProGest SCOTT team's captain Bruno Zanchi, unfortunately, was stopped because of a hard fall.

Lorenzo Sudding


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An exciting video mixing hard rock, high jumps, and crazy riders.
Peru 2_2.jpg
The following is the second part of the report we received from our rider
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Our rider sent us a report of his race in France
The team, sponsored by Marzocchi, obtained good results in Mont Sainte Anne
UCIMSA2013_MS_PEKOLL_By AleDiLullo-3555_2.jpg
The following is the race report of the 4th round of the 2013 UCI MTB worldcup of Mont Sainte Anne/ CAN.
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