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TST (Terrain Selection Technology)

TST (Terrain Selection Technology)

What the hell is TST Damping System anyway? Does the MTB world need another new revolutionary damping system? Will it really work? What will it do?

TST Damping System is the next step in the Evolution of Marzocchi’s legendary design process. When we decide to develop a new damping system or introduce a new concept, we first make sure it will offer real world performance to the rider, not just be an over-hyped marketing concept. For example, the concept Extension Control was envisaged while climbing for hours on tight switchbacks on a long travel fork. ECC & ETA exist to aid the rider in climbing a long travel fork & bike to the top so that the rider reaps the rewards on the downhills. The same concept applies to the TST Damping System. It’s a real world performance advantage conceived on the gnarly trails of the Whistler MTB Park, the rocky trails of Southern California and even the Dolomites of Italy.

TST is a damping system that can be easily adjusted to accommodate various terrain conditions without hassle or complicated set-up.

For example, the DS damping setting provides greater high-speed damping with less low-speed compression thus providing high-speed sensitivity (keeping the wheel on the ground) while delivering big-hit capability. The AM setting provides more low and high-speed compression damping to handle large drops and jumps without getting “bucked” upon impact. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the climbing (CL) setting delivers greater low-speed compression damping to resist pedal input and the “bob effect”. The intermediate (+/-) settings allow you to choose the best of both worlds by lessening the bob effect while providing great all-around trail sensitivity. Need to switch on-the-fly? You can do that too. With TST, you simply match the damping setting with terrain you are riding, whether you’re climbing, riding fast single track or bombing technical descents. TST will work for your terrain and riding style. We know, because we’ve tested it and it works. TST damping system: designed by riders, built for riding.

TST Damping System can be found on the new VR line of rear shocks, the Marathon XC, and the new All Mountain 1 suspension fork models.


You can find the feature in the following models: